The Opus Theatre was officially launched on 7th July 2017 at 7pm to an invited audience that included international dignitaries, showbisiness personalities and local dignitaries. A total of 15 specially selected artists performed to an audience of over 400 people, celebrated the birth of this unique and beautiful venue.

Mayor Judy Rogers & Polo Piatti
Polo Piatti & Church's Trustees
Yoon-Ji Lee
Thomasine Trezise
Cllr Peter Chowney
Phil White
Ned Cartwright
Stephen Page
Mike Hatchard
Yumino Seki & Polo Piatti
Justin Lycett
The Moors
Polo Piatti
Julian Humphries
Gwyneth Herbert
Harmony One
Howard Southern
Gary Bland
Loose Ends
Jon Bartholomew
Gwyneth Herbert
Stephen Page
Rev Chris Sears
Daisy Noton
Debbie Warren