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THE BUILDING: The Opus Theatre is considered one of the finest concert halls in the South East, in a Grade II listed building created for the best natural acoustics. Expert lighting designers Dan & Marie Sanders (Troxy, London) were so excited about the building’s potential that they decided to donate lighting as well as their expertise and work to design and install some fantastic lighting for us. More recently, Rachel & Graham Whitham kindly donate some wonderful theatrical velvet fabrics to us. These will certainly contribute to enhance this beautiful venue even more.

THE PIANO: The theatre’s centrepiece, however, is our very special concert grand piano, one of the most technologically advanced instruments in the world, officially baptized as the 'Phoenix Opus'. The beautiful 9ft long Concert Grand Piano is custom built to our exact specifications and finish. It is constructed using the latest Phoenix technology including their fantastic carbon-fibre soundboard, fitted to a 1925 Blüthner Style XI acoustic body (widely considered as one of the very best acoustic bodies in existence). It has a WNG carbon fibre/composite action, and the world-famous Phoenix bridge technology. the award-winning bridge agraffe - a clip that attaches the strings to the bridge without downforce on the soundboard like a traditional pin bridge. The result? Up to twice the sustain of a regular piano & huge power across the entire register This makes the 'Phoenix Opus’ not only an extraordinarily beautiful instrument, but an instrument with the biggest carbon-fiber soundboard in the United Kingdom as well as and one of the most technologically advanced acoustic pianos in the planet. .Read the official press release by Phoenix by clicking here.

"Thank you! Now I don't have to endure the stress and expenses of going to London's Westend theatres! Bernard Burrell

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